Monday, March 01, 2010

Performance Expert Services

Over the last 12 months we have seen a sharp increase in clients targeting poor performance of systems and applications, particularly around storage, virtualization, and wide area networking. As a result of which we have formalised our professional services for performance investigation, reporting, and remediation. We call this our Performance Expert Service.

We provide fixed-fee projects where our consultants work either independently of your vendors, or with their assistance, to get the performance you need from mission critical systems. When more performance cannot be liberated from existing assets, we are able to provide a quantified case for additional investment, couched in business terms.

While everyone strives for more performance, it is only since the credit crunch and economic slowdown in the UK that there has been a significant increase in these projects for 360is. We put this down to factors impacting IT departments like reduced staffing, frozen budgets, and lack of visibility into the future. Not since the great Y2K spending freeze has there been such a focus on making do with what you have and ensuring it runs efficiently. Bad news for product vendors, but not necessarily bad for end users. Many found the Y2K hiatus in new IT deployments to be no bad thing, some even said IT had never worked so well.


  • Get next years hardware performance now. (useful if your capex budget has been frozen)
  • Free up staff from nursing overloaded systems. (good if your team has recently shrunk)
  • Reduce license costs through higher utilization of fewer systems. (interesting if you just got your support renewal quotes)

Our consultants are there for when performance problems defeat your IT team’s efforts, and are beyond the scope of vendor patches and support contracts. Contact us to find out how we can solve your performance problems.

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