Saturday, January 07, 2006

New services announced: IDS Tune-up and Vendor Shakedown

Today Three Sixty Information Security launched two new services after successfully concluding bespoke projects for clients in 2005. The IDS Tune-up service is designed to get maximum value from clients existing investment in Intrusion Detection Systems. Our consultants have found that many companies are not getting the most from their IDS, and do not have the time or expertise to fine tune these systems. In addition to this, most IDS produce large amounts of low-grade information which does not meet the reporting requirements of IT management.

The Vendor Shakedown service leverages our consultants experience of working with security vendors over the last 10 years. Security products are often large and complex with long installation and integration phases. IT staff may not have the time or mix of skills required to tackle vendors who are not delivering on commercial or technical promises. This service is applicable where clients feel they are getting poor vendor support, are paying for more product than they are using, or believe the vendor has not delivered what was previously specified and agreed-to.