Monday, July 14, 2008

Seminar: Mission Critical Virtualization

360is is running an invitation only seminar on the 21st July at Chalfont Park, Chalfont St. Peter, Bucks. The theme is mission critical and production systems virtualization. If you are an existing customer then you should have already been contacted, however there will be a few extra places available. The agenda includes a preview of Citrix Xen v4.2, disaster recovery and business continuity using virtualization, a guest speaker from SteelEye Technology, and one of our own case studies. The whole event lasts less than 3 hours and attendees will also have the chance to win a presentation case of champagne.

Please contact Rob Gilson by Email if you would like to come along, or call us on the main number leaving your full contact details.

--- Update 6pm 21st July
Thanks to everyone for making the seminar a success, we will be in-touch shortly with each of you. Congratulations to Alex of Netui who won the prize draw, and thanks to Citrix for the use of the venue, catering, and staff.

--- Update 6pm 23rd July
It looks like our virtualization hardware appliance made a good impression, Rupert over at Virtualisation Tribulations had some kind things to say about our latest product and the seminar. UK virtualization blogs (or technology blogs of any sort!) are rare, so be sure to check it out for an insiders view on Citrix, Xen, VMWare, and the industry.