Thursday, February 26, 2009

360is XenServer Support, for free!

Many of you will already be aware that Citrix has just announced that XenServer Enterprise (the version of Xen many of our clients run) is to be made available free of charge. A new enhanced version of XenServer called "Essentials" is being launched. Essentials has sophisticated Lab-Manager, Orchestration, and Workflow functionality along with integration to Hyper-V and the Microsoft stack. It is only this enhanced edition that will carry a price tag.

This is great news!
Click here to download almost £2K of software for free.

It is particularly good for Small to Medium sized companies who might otherwise have been unable to deploy enterprise grade virtualization in this years "zero CAPEX" environment. You can now virtualize an estate for zero pounds spent on software (unless you need the "Essentials" version). What should you do with this unexpected windfall? The money saved from as few as 4 free XenServer licenses could buy one of our Hardware Appliances, allowing you to replace tens of aging physical servers with a single, low power, high performance, 2U dedicated appliance with one-stop-shop support.

One good turn deserves another...

360is are offering 60-days free standard support to new clients sourcing their XenServer software (free or Essentials) though us. In order to secure this support we will need to register a number of details about you in Citrix systems and our own, please get in touch before we change our minds!

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