Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Looking for some Sunshine

Here at 360is we're big fans of UNIX. Predominantly we use Sun Solaris, with some FreeBSD and Linux for specific tasks. Our desktop of choice is Mac OS X - founded on UNIX. We prefer UNIX over Microsoft's offering because of the flexibility and accountability of the systems. You can always get to the bottom of a problem.

There are plenty of other reasons too, but here's a good enough reason alone to be considering Sun - the mentality of their CEO, Jonathan Schwartz...

Free advice for the litigious

In a time when some vendors are intent on keeping their share of the market by peddling FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) Sun are going from strength to strength by doing what they do best, and going about it in a professional, congenial, way.

We share Schwartz's attitude - we don't like to sell security by using FUD either (the traditional way to make somebody invest in security - scare them!). Security is a vital part of any business, and building your infrastructure on UNIX is a really good start. We'll be publishing our Solaris 10 hardening guide soon, along with some information about our favourite open source tools for looking after your business.

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